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[REVIEW] Femi’s Tea – Traditional Meat Pie and Sticky Rice Dumpling @Upper Changi MRT Station

In addition to to their extensive bubble tea menu, Femi’s Tea has recently introduced two savory food items native to Zhejiang, China to their menu, featuring the Meat Pie and Tea Zong.

Do note that these items are handmade freshly everyday, so there is limited supply.

Meat Pie | $3

Before I even go into the taste of this meat pie, let me just express my appreciation for how meaty this is; having a good ratio of crust to meat.

The pie was hot and freshly made and the addition of fatty parts of the pork made the filling so much more fragrant and juicy.

Tea Zong | $3

On the other hand, despite being infused with Mei Cai Stewed Pork Belly (梅菜扣肉), has lighter flavors. For the non-chinese, mei cai is a sort of preserved vegetable that has a sour taste to it.

Even though the dish itself is so fatty, the sticky rice dumpling isn’t jelat at all, nor were the flavors too strong. There’s a subtle mei cai aroma to the rice as well.

Black Sugar Milk Tea | $3.9

Wash all that down with a cup of healthy tea with no artificial flavoring and pigments added. Some of my favorites include their black sugar milk tea and cheese strawberry tea.

Locate them!

690 Upper Changi Road East
Upper Changi MRT Station, #B3-02
Singapore 485990

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*All photos taken from Femi’s Tea.

*This post is written in collaboration with Femi’s Tea


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