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22 Stories – Instaworthy Photos w/ Your Favorite Childhood Characters

22 rooms, 22 characters, 22 stories… and 22 Instagram-worthy shots for me!

22 Stories is an immersive theatrical experience, featuring 22 of our favorite childhood characters from Snow White, Jack & The Bean Stalk, Cheshire Cat and Princess & The Pea. For those who have not been to an immersive theater, it’s basically an interactive play where the audience play a part in the story line of the show.

What to expect?

If you’re a child, you’re going to have lots of fun because of all the interaction with the dressed-up actors. However, if you’re older then the interactive play might not be appealing to you.

The first room I entered was Jinn the Genie of the Lamp, which was built mainly on interaction. There wasn’t much decorations in the room. All we did was sit in front of the genie and answered some of his questions. There were only two families there and both mine and the other group were fairly silent, which resulted in a bit of awkwardness during the play.

Cheshire Cat room

But fret not! The other rooms require a lot less interactions and had actual story lines; not to mention a better decorated room. My favorite rooms were Cheshire Cat and Sleeping Beauty.

How it works

The whole event comprises of 22 different rooms, some of which are connected if they belong to the same story. So for example, the Cheshire Cat and Royal Card rooms, which belong to Alice in Wonderland, are connected.

As you can see, the featured characters are different on odd and even weeks. So you might want to choose the proper day to visit if you have a favorite character you wish to meet!

1…2…3! *snaps*

So like what I mentioned, this place is catered more towards children and the immersive theater aspect didn’t appeal much to me and my sister. Instead, we focused more on taking photos inside the rooms, which many was very well designed.

If, like us, you plan to come for that hashtag instaworthy shot, then you can consider coming between 7:10 pm to 7:50 pm when the actors will be taking the break. During this period, you are free to roam around the area and enter all rooms without restrictions to take as many photos as you like.

Here are some of the photos that we have taken- (bringing a good camera with a flash is highly recommended otherwise your photos will look like these)

Tickets cost $38 per person and $140 per family (4 pax).

Locate us!
200 Pandan Gardens
PeopleUp @ Pandan 
Singapore 60933

Opening Sessions
Fri | 5:30pm – 9:30pm 
Sat, Sun | 10am-2pm, 5:30pm – 9:30pm

*This post is written in collaboration with 22 Stories


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