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[REVIEW] Earlybird Cafe – Chicken and Pancakes in Bugis, Arab St

They say that the early bird catches the worm, but in this case, the early bird became my breakfast at Earlybird Cafe.

I was instantly mesmerized by the yellow theme of the cafe. The place was brightly lit, with a really chill and vibey playlist humming in the background, making it a really nice place to hang out and talk with your friends.

I really appreciate the balance of flavors in their dishes; not overpoweringly spicy nor is it too sweet.

Chicken and Pancakes | $19

Probably the best version of the classic chicken and pancakes, standing out with its unique chili maple syrup which has a nice balance of sugar, spice and everything nice.

There was sight crisp to the pancakes with a fluffy interior, and while I was expecting the tenders to be the highlight of this dish, the milkiness and soft texture of the pancakes certainly earned itself a spotlight.

Secret Breakfast | $17

Keep your ears peeled because I’m about to let you in on this secret.

Earlybird’s Secret Breakfast is a trio of cornflakes coated french toast, paired with two thicc bacon slices and a sprinkle of fruits and nuts.

The cornflakes and maple syrup gives it mild sweetness. Although having a pleasant taste, I didn’t find the dish too appealing.

I wasn’t too impressed with the drinks. The coffee, while pleasant, loses out to the cafes in the area.

Locate them!
17 Jln Pinang
Singapore 199149

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