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[REVIEW] Common Man Coffee Roasters – Artisan Cafe w/ an all-day Brunch Menu

With an extensive all-day brunch menu, serving all-time favorites such as egg benedicts, hearty american-styled breakfasts and fluffy pancakes, Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMRC) is perfect for those whose three meals are breakfast, breakfast and lastly… breakfast.

CMCR has also included a number of dishes which can be made vegan, and also gluten free.

Organic Eggs Benedict | $25

This is no doubt the best eggs benedict I have ever eaten. I’m not a huge fan of this dish and it’s probably one of the last few items on the menu that I’ll consider, solely because most of them taste the same; the only difference being whether the egg is poached perfectly.

CMCR took it up a notch with its creative combinations of spicy rockets and braised ox cheeks rather than your traditional parma ham and smoked salmon as a complementary. The beef, thinly sliced, melts almost immediately in your mouth and has a mild but substantial amount of savory.

My favorite aspect of the dish though, is the charred and smoky aspect of the poached eggs.

Brioche French Toast | $20

I would’ve preferred the french toast to have a stronger egg and milky flavor that traditional french toasts carry.

However, I thought the berry compote was really well made, not overly sweet nor sour.

Grilled Almond Cake | $14

The price of this dessert really surprised me.

$14 for a cake? I had to know what was so special about this dish.

Felt a little cheated, their $14 cake had the texture and shape of a cupcake, with barely any signs of almond present.

Their saving grace though, is that their salted caramel ice cream is divine. It has a good balance of saltiness within the decadence, and that sticky chewy bits within the scoop of ice-cream. Fortunately, you can purchase just the ice-cream itself, which is much more worth-it in my opinion.

In addition to their attractive breakfast menu, CMCR sells a widespread variety of coffee, ranging from their in-house Signature CMCR Espresso Blend to a manual brew from their range of single origins and micro-lots, such as YirgZero from Ethiopia

I ordered their fast brew (hot latte), which costs $6. It leans towards the bitter side so it might not appeal to those who have

Do note that you do have to specify what type of coffee you’d like when you’re ordering their filter coffee as it is not stated on the menu.

The only thing I dislike about the cafe is the lack of comfortable seats. Their bar stools are either too short or too tall for me, making it really hard to eat.

Locate them
22 Martin Road
Singapore 239058

+65 6836 4695

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