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[REVIEW] The Alley Luxe – Taiwanese Bubble Tea Chain Cafe ft. Brown Sugar Fresh Milk and Cruffins @Cineleisure

If you think Singapore hasn’t had enough of brown sugar fresh milk, you’re wrong. In addition to the first branch located at Jewel, the famous Taiwanese bubble tea store, The Alley, has recently opened up a deluxe version at Orchard Cineleisure.

For those who wish to get on the bandwagon while avoiding the crowd in Jewel, here is the place to be.

Brown Sugar Deerioca Series

An obvious must try series on The Alley’s menu, the brown sugar deerioca series is brewed meticulously with premium brown sugar, Japanese fresh milk and hand-harvested tea leaves. Top it off with their hand-made brown sugar pearl which has a perfect amount of chew and a subtle amount of sweetness.

While all three drinks has their own unique personality, the original brown sugar fresh milk left the biggest impression on me.

For anyone who is dying from the blistering Singapore heatwaves, their special lulu series and aurora series might be a better option. Packed with a concoction of fresh fruits and fragrant tea, their fruit tea series can certainly quench any thirst in this extreme weather. Not to mention, they provide good content for the gram.


Exclusive to the Cineleisure branch, The Alley launched a series of pastries. Croissants need no introduction but those who are unfamiliar with cruffins, they are simply a croissant in the shape of the muffin, hence the name.

The pastries, albeit a little pricey, was worth every bite. Comparable to BrotherBird milk & croissant‘s, there was a nice texture and a good balance of flavors. The croissants were also relatively denser.

The balance of sweet and savory of the filling in their salted caramel cruffin ($5) was perfect. Their almond croissant ($5) also had a strong nutty aroma.

Their ceiling-to-floor windows provide ample lighting for doing work in the cafe!

Locate us!
8 Grange Road
Cineleisure Orchard #02-06A/B
Singapore 819666

78 Airport Boulevard
Jewel, Changi Airport #B2-273
Singapore 819666

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