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[REVIEW] Monice Bakes – Customized and Cartoon Birthday Cakes

If you’re looking for a crazy customized cake then head down to Monice Bakes; appropriate for any occasions- birthday parties, weddings, corporate functions and even just a simple gift from the heart. Top it off with your favorite characters, from the cute We Bare Bears, Disney Tsum Tsums and your favorite Marvel superheros.

Here are some of the customers’ favorites, featuring floral and galaxy themed cakes.

Some may argue that beauty and brains cannot co-exist but that doesn’t apply to Monice’s cakes, which are pleasant to the eyes and mouth! The sponge cakes are light and fluffy, and the buttercream smooth and not too sweet.

My personal favorites are Earl Grey and Matcha.

Surprise Me! Cakes

Okay yeah customized cakes are pretty dope but what if you’re super indecisive like me? I mean there are so many ways you can go with a customized cake since you basically get to decide every little detail of the design and if you’d like to avoid having an overload trying to make so many decisions, you can try out their Surprise Me! cakes.

Like what the name suggests, this Surprise Me! cake is similar to an omakase meal, where you leave the designing part to them. Just answer a few simple questions like what the occasion is, the gender of the recipient, preferred flavor, options for cake filling and the style of the cakes!

The prices of the Surprise Me! cakes go as low as $40; additional costs come from choosing premium flavors and cake fillings.

Do note that there are no specific themes or cartoon designs for this, so you might want to reconsider if you’re planning to get a cake for children. Also, no sketch/descriptions will be given prior to making the cake, as it is a surprise cake after all.


And if you think that’s impressive, check out the list of flavors for their cupcakes. From the classic flavors of vanilla and chocolate to bizarre ones such as coco loco coconut, lemonade bliss and my favorite of them all- black sesame matcha.

Not only is there a wide variety of flavors to appease the ever changing taste and preference of foodies, by using premium ingredients with no artificial flavorings, I can honestly say that their cupcakes triumphs over any other cupcake behemoths in Singapore.


Despite rising to fame with her cakes, Monice started out her business by baking sugar cookies. The cookies are buttery and the royal icing piped atop gives it the right amount of sweetness.

It only pains me to know that I’ll be biting off one of these cute character’s heads… (just kidding I’d devour these in a second)

Healthier Choice

I would end off by saying that their cakes and cupcakes are something that I’d gladly get diabetes for. Fortunately, their desserts are baked with less sugar (and no preservatives as well). Even her customers agree, as seen in the sea of reviews which centres around how tasty her cakes are despite being less sweet.

Delivery and Collection details

The goods can be delivered at an additional cost or self-collected at Bedok Reservoir View, The Clearwater as it is an online business.

Locate them!

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*This post is written in collaboration with Monice Bakes


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